STeps EcVeT Abroad! – project for knowledge about ECVET



Education and training has a fundamental role to play in achieving the “Europe 2020” objectives.   The overall objective of STeps EcVet Abroad! / STEVTA project is to transfer comparability, transparency and mutual recognition of vocational qualifications in Estonia to other European countries in order to improve free movement of residents and labour force in EU using developed ECVET principles. The new project will continue to broaden ECVET units to Croatia, Finland, Germany, Estonia and France.

Main aims and objectives

Concrete aims of the project are to disseminate created vehicle, catering and construction units; describe and compare the learning outcomes of partner countries  and compile new units all the mentioned fields and new additional field is ITC; test the created units in all partner countries and disseminate the results. Units are planned to test

The characteristic of the consortium

The partners are vocational educational organizations and different educational bodies in Finland, Germany, France, Croatia and Estonia. Kuressaare Regional Training Centre, Kehtna School of Economy and Technology and OMNIA had worked together in Heta- Ecvet 2009- 2012 INTEREG and student- teacher exchange projects creating and testing the ECVET units in catering, vehicle, construction etc fields. Croatian Srednja Strukkovna Skola Vinkovci  and TTS/Työtehoseura (Work Efficiency Institute) are a new partners and bringing different aspects and new perspective to this project. Berufsbildende Schulen Soltau and CFA La Chataigneraie, Kehtna and OMNIA had worked together in TOI project in vehicle work group.

Results of the project

Results are new common ECVET units and assessment forms in ITC, vehicle, construction and catering fields, ECVET- documentation (Memorandum of Understanding, Learning Agreement,feedback forms). STEVTA- project will describe skills and competences in work places and learning outcomes (KSC-principle) of VET curricula’s. Comparing of these descriptions and new international UNITs will give possibility to implement of personal learning pathway and support the recognition and transfer of learning outcomes. Learning will be more flexible, not dependent on time and place. All project outcomes will be available on the project website. Testing is planned to do through Leonardo da Vinci students and teachers exchange projects in all countries. The added value of our project is created and tested units, transfer and dissemination of idea in new fields and countries.